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Rottingdean Smugglers AGM 2017

AGM scheduled for June 7th at the Plough Inn – Loft Bar 8pm. The meeting will include Chair and Treasurers Reports, Election of Officers.

If you are interested in standing for any of the positions let us know. The positions include- Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Committee Team member. Applications must be received by May 27th.

Ahoy there – you scurvy dogs.

‘Tis time for them Rottingdean folk to stand up and support those Scallywags known as Rottingdean Smugglers. As you know the team that help organise Smuggler events – Smugglers Night (winter December 3rd) and Little Smugglers (summer June 25th Rottingdean Terraces) is a small number of local individuals.

We have need to improve our structure and more importantly the role of individuals and in this endeavour you could help us.

We need to have a strong base of key individuals who will fulfil the following roles:

Chairman – In essence the overall co-ordinator of the events and management of the relationship with Local Business, City Council, Parish Council, Local Schools and other Fund Raising groups. Focus the team on delivering the strategic plans.

Secretary – Schedule of regular meetings, note taking, administration and compliance. Booking of event participants.

Accountant – Management of the books of account-ensuring compliance and regular updates to the scheduled meetings.

Treasurer- Management of Bank Accounts, funding forecasting and collection.

Fund Raiser(s) – Organise and deliver activities to include Stalls at Local Fairs, Local Events such as Race Nights.

Main Event Organiser(s) – completion of the documentation required enabling Smugglers to conduct its two/three main activities. Work with The Event Solutions team ensuring that we comply with all Health and Safety requirements and in a timely manner.

IT Management- development of website and uploads of key data, Facebook and any electronic media.

Publicity –development and distribution of all flyers, posters and paper based documents. Input to electronic Media.

Friends of Smugglers – help on the day at all activities whether they are fund raising or working a stall. Ideally, a number of people would form the core of supporters to whom we could call upon.

With all the above positions we already have some people working all or some of the above. However, our Treasurer role, which currently includes the Accounting role will be stepping down and we wish to split the roles. Perhaps you could do one of these jobs or indeed any of the others.  Let me know by contacting me at You can also look at our website for more information.

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on May 18th at the Village Hall 7.30pm at which time we will reflect on our past year and discuss the coming year. The election of officers will be on the Agenda. So if you have some of the skills listed above and wish to join us nominees are invited.

Light refreshments and nibbles will be there to tempt you to come along.

Look forward to seeing some of you there.

Chris White – Chair.

Beach Clean Up

The Deans Beach & Environment VolunteersThank you to The Deans Beach Volunteers for helping us to clear up after Smugglers Night and especially to Louise Ramsey for her kind words in the Rottingdean Village News:

A heady mix of bonfire, brimstone and grog, last year’s Smugglers Night did good. The excellent evening of drumming skulduggery and torch lit processions attracted hordes of swashbuckling pirates and landlubbers alike, culminating in the burning of a giant wooden horse and an awe-inspiring fireworks display on the beach – and a whole load of debris to match. No matter. By 11am the next day, Smugglers organiser Gary Payne and The Deans Beach and Environment Volunteers were on the case, sifting through the pebbles and sand to haul off sack loads of firework casings, burned firewood and nails, to leave the foreshore pristine once again.
The Deans Beach & Environment Volunteers meet on the 1st Sunday of every month at 11am to clean the Deans beaches. Forthcoming dates are printed below or go to

Louise Ramsey,
The Deans Beach and Environment Volunteers

Beach Clean Poster

Smugglers Open Meeting

Open Meeting: Wednesday 12 March 2014 at 7.30pm
Location: The Function Room at The White Horse Hotel

We are holding an open meeting at the White Horse Hotel on the 12th March at 7:30pm. If you would like to know who we are and what we do or would be interested in joining us, please come along. Smugglers night has grown year on year and is now one of the biggest events we have in Rottingdean. We are always looking for help from people keen to be a part of Rottingdean’s smuggling history.

Even if you are not sure how you can be of help, come along to the meeting and have a chat to us.